In October 2015 TechSyCo installed a comprehensive CCTV IP camera network integrated system at a Uranium mine near Swakopmund in Namibia. TechSyCo provided the mine with an end to end solution, from camera to an integrated control room.

The system included ip cameras linked via radio transmitters to the control room. The site included 5 hubs that communicated wirelessly through a central standalone network. Trunking and conduit were not available to lay cables and Radwin wireless systems were used for communication. The hubs consisted of a central warehouse, laboratories, fuel depo, weighbridge and administration offices.

Hikvision supplied the infrared bullet varifocal and dome cameras. The client software was provided by Cathexis and Radwin was used for the radio links. Radwin is a leader in its field for wireless communications.

TechSyCo was one of the first companies in the country to install an ip camera system network with Radwin radio links. Johan Badenhorst, MD of TechSyCo stated that this installation was a fantastic project to work on, making TechSyCo a leader in the field of CCTV system design and integration. IP cameras provide high resolution quality pictures that supersedes traditional analogue cameras. Hikvision cameras are reasonably priced in comparison to other top end cameras in the market, thus making the product affordable to everyone in the market, private or business. Cathexis is a South African company and also becoming a leader in CCTV management systems and client software. The program is user friendly and easy to use.

TechSyCo is a South African company and specialist provider with experience designing complex security and access control systems, video surveillance and archiving systems, security system infrastructures, fibre optic cable systems, electronic asset protection systems, and ergonomic security console and operations centres. TechSyCo partners with the industry leaders to provide consulting services for successful collaborative designs.


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