TechSyCo has been intrinsically involved in the following projects over the past 12 months.


Hill on Empire

TechSyCo is nearing completion with the CCTV, Access control and Control Room setup for this modern office block in Parktown. Bosch CCTV and Galager access control systems are installed. For VMS the client used Cathexis.


Menlyn Maine Central Square

TechSyCo was hired by SVS to project manage the CCTV, Access Control and parking management systems. The company is also currently responsible for the CCTV and system integration in the new office complex scheduled to open later in 2017. Bosch cameras and Cathexis were the preferred products.

TechSyCo also installed a people counting system which affords the client complete customer analytics with static and thermal devices. Contact Techsyco for more info.


Melrose Arch

TechSyCo was appointed to project manage and oversee the security upgrade and installation of the precinct.

For more info click here:

Download our company profile here:Techsyco Company Profile

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