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TechSyCo is officially a registered vendor with Tyco. Techsyco is expanding into leading African countries and supporting Tyco Security Products is part of the company’s strategy going forward. Tyco is one of the most sought after brands in Europe and North America and in most cases offers an end to end solution to clients. Tyco is also one of the leading brands when it comes to airport security systems.Tyco Security Products is a unified group of world-leading access control, video, location based security and intrusion brands”. In the past three years TechSyCo has shown formidable growth in the South African market. As part of it’s 5 year growth plan, TechSyCo is expanding its services into Africa. Partnering with key vendor’s is paramount to successful integration and service delivery. Furthermore, clients can expect a direct benefit in pricing structures that allows for cost effective project implementation and completion.

TechSyCo’s services are not limited to Tyco products only. Clients at times are partial to specific brands. Clients, for example, may want to use different access control systems. An added advantage with Tyco is the integration with more than 90% of other products in the market place. All integration software is done in-house, therefore there is no need for third party development.

Please click here should you require any more information on Tyco Products or TechSyCo’s services and a company representative will be in touch. /

Download TechSyCo’s company profile here: Techsyco Company Profile

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