About us

TechSyCo, was founded in 2014 as an independent security consulting, systems design and solution firm, primarily focusing on CCTV system design and installations.  The company has shown tremendous growth in the past two years servicing top end clients in a number of industries.

The expertise of TechSyCo resides in professional associates with extensive experience in electronic security system design, support capabilities, risk assessments, corporate security program development, security and surveillance related training, software support and access control systems.

TechSyCo does not represent or endorse any specific brand of equipment or service provider, but researches the latest developments in security technology and services to develop the expertise necessary to decide which solution will best serve the needs of the individual clients. We have a wide range of technological security solutions to provide our clients with the best products, service and information they require.

TechSyCo’s philosophy is to provide on-going support service to all our clients. This is vitally important to TechSyCo, as the continuity of the system’s operational functionality pays tribute to the integrity of TechSyCo and its superior workmanship. To further reinforce our commitment to service excellence, TechSyCo undertakes to warrant the quality of its installations, providing they have not been modified or interfered with by any unauthorised personnel, on a reasonably indefinite basis irrespective of the initial warranty period.

In addition to its own resources, TechSyCo has access to a wide range of highly trained, skilled personnel, whom are contracted to the installation, if required, for the duration of the project. We also offer prospective clients a comprehensive maintenance plan, at competitive rates.

Our clients include industry leaders, as well as small to medium businesses, in sectors such as Hospitality, Manufacturing, Mining, Financial, Healthcare, Data Centers, Home and Estate security.

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Download our company profile here: Techsyco Company Profile

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