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TechSyCo is officially a registered vendor with Tyco. Techsyco is expanding into leading African countries and supporting Tyco Security Products is part of the company’s strategy going forward. Tyco is one of the most sought after brands in Europe and North America and in most cases offers an end to end solution to clients. Tyco is also one of the leading brands when it comes to airport security systems.Tyco Security Products is a unified group of world-leading access control, video, location based security and intrusion brands”. In the past three years TechSyCo has shown formidable growth in the South African market. As part of it’s 5 year growth plan, TechSyCo is expanding its services into Africa. Partnering with key vendor’s is paramount to successful integration and service delivery. Furthermore, clients can expect a direct benefit in pricing structures that allows for cost effective project implementation and completion.

TechSyCo’s services are not limited to Tyco products only. Clients at times are partial to specific brands. Clients, for example, may want to use different access control systems. An added advantage with Tyco is the integration with more than 90% of other products in the market place. All integration software is done in-house, therefore there is no need for third party development.

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http://www.techsyco.com / http://www.tycosecurityproducts.com

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TechSyCo – TNPA (Transnet)


SVS appointed TechSyCo in 2016 for Transnet’s head office camera upgrade. In addition to the camera upgrade, Techsyco also installed their fire detection system. For the CCTV upgrade, Techsyco installed Bosch cameras, Nice NVR’s, 6 monitor video wall with Cathexis VMS in the control room. The upgrade will give their head office the means to consolidate all the control rooms to a central control center. The project is ongoing and should be completed in the next year.

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TechSyCo – Kingdom Security Upgrade

TechSyCo provided the client with a turnkey solution regarding their security requirements. Since the installation over a year ago, the resort has had zero incidents. The company installed thermal technology and analytics providing the resort with a virtual fence. Added to the installation were static IP cameras, a fiber network supported by Artico VMS in the back-end. Techsyco provided the client with an end to end solution ranging from trenching, cabling and fencing to high end CCTV solutions and an IT infrastructure. This level of security is extremely efficient when clients have large perimeter fences. When the technology is used at maximum capacity, productivity can be increased in that guarding can be reduced with a greater emphasis on armed response. Ultimately this saves the client money and at the same time provides guests and visitors with a safer environment.

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Projects update March 2017

TechSyCo has been intrinsically involved in the following projects over the past 12 months.


Hill on Empire

TechSyCo is nearing completion with the CCTV, Access control and Control Room setup for this modern office block in Parktown. Bosch CCTV and Galager access control systems are installed. For VMS the client used Cathexis.


Menlyn Maine Central Square

TechSyCo was hired by SVS to project manage the CCTV, Access Control and parking management systems. The company is also currently responsible for the CCTV and system integration in the new office complex scheduled to open later in 2017. Bosch cameras and Cathexis were the preferred products.

TechSyCo also installed a people counting system which affords the client complete customer analytics with static and thermal devices. Contact Techsyco for more info.


Melrose Arch

TechSyCo was appointed to project manage and oversee the security upgrade and installation of the precinct.

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Download our company profile here:Techsyco Company Profile

Ecorider / TechSyCo


TechSyCo has joined with Ecorider South Africa for Sales, Repairs and Maintenance support in Gauteng and North West Provinces.

Company Profile Summary

“too far to walk too close to drive”

 General Business Information

EcoRider is a division of MWM Plant & Transport Hire cc that has been in operation for over 17 years in South Africa.  EcoRider SA is a new division of 4 years.

We are a level 4 BEE certified company

Marketing functions of EcoRider are performed in Cape Town, South Africa

Tel:  083 701 3259.

Branches in Cape Town, Gauteng, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

Distribution centre @ 167 Gale Street, Umbilo, Durban, South Africa. Tel: 031 304 3940

Service centres in all major distribution areas.

www.ecorider.co.za  www.ninebot.co.za ian@ecorider.co.za;  Facebook ecoriderza; Instagram ecorider_tours

General Manager, Ian MacLeod Smith 083 701 3259 ian@ecorider.co.za

Managing member Mike Milne mike@ecorider.co.za


 Business Details

EcoRider has the exclusive distribution rights to the Ninebot self balancing electric personal transport vehicles in SA. These EcoRider products are futuristic, eco-friendly, personal & portable transport systems.

We have trained agents in all major centres who can attend to every aspect of the business.

The EcoRider stock lines are; the EcoRider Ninebot Elite, EcoRider Ninebot One E+.

We at EcoRider market, sell, distribute and back up all of our products. The after sales service function is performed in your region. EcoRider is always working to establish more fully functional service stations for the convenience of our customers.

Business Capacity

The sales and marketing head office is in Cape Town, the General Sales and Marketing Manager is Ian MacLeod Smith ian@ecorider.co.za 083 701 3259 @ the Cape Town Office 021 836 5363. We have agents in all large centres, to find one contact Ian ian@ecorider.co.za

Techsyco is the accredited company for all sales and  queries in Gauteng and North West Provinces. Click here for contact details.

The warehouse and distribution centre is in Durban, Tel 031 304 3940.

EcoRider has the capacity, the know how, ambition and the drive to become the number one supplier of eco-friendly personal transport vehicles in South Africa.

Click here to go to the Ecorider Website or fill in your contact details below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

TechSyCo CCTV Installation – Namibia

In October 2015 TechSyCo installed a comprehensive CCTV IP camera network integrated system at a Uranium mine near Swakopmund in Namibia. TechSyCo provided the mine with an end to end solution, from camera to an integrated control room.

The system included ip cameras linked via radio transmitters to the control room. The site included 5 hubs that communicated wirelessly through a central standalone network. Trunking and conduit were not available to lay cables and Radwin wireless systems were used for communication. The hubs consisted of a central warehouse, laboratories, fuel depo, weighbridge and administration offices.

Hikvision supplied the infrared bullet varifocal and dome cameras. The client software was provided by Cathexis and Radwin was used for the radio links. Radwin is a leader in its field for wireless communications.

TechSyCo was one of the first companies in the country to install an ip camera system network with Radwin radio links. Johan Badenhorst, MD of TechSyCo stated that this installation was a fantastic project to work on, making TechSyCo a leader in the field of CCTV system design and integration. IP cameras provide high resolution quality pictures that supersedes traditional analogue cameras. Hikvision cameras are reasonably priced in comparison to other top end cameras in the market, thus making the product affordable to everyone in the market, private or business. Cathexis is a South African company and also becoming a leader in CCTV management systems and client software. The program is user friendly and easy to use.

TechSyCo is a South African company and specialist provider with experience designing complex security and access control systems, video surveillance and archiving systems, security system infrastructures, fibre optic cable systems, electronic asset protection systems, and ergonomic security console and operations centres. TechSyCo partners with the industry leaders to provide consulting services for successful collaborative designs.